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Leaning_Tower_of_PisaScripture for Today:  Psalms 33:8  “Let all the earth fear the Lord: let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him.”

It was awhile ago that we visited the Leaning Tower of Piza.  Someone sure messed up in building this!  Standing up straight is important on all kinds of levels, certainly in architecture!  As a young girl, I was encouraged by my Mother to always stand up straight.  As my own children were growing up, I found myself repeating this advice.

There is a song sung in church that always bothered me.  The lyrics are, “I stand, I stand in awe of You.”  I could not imagine standing in the presence of the Lord of the universe.  Wouldn’t I be more likely to bow, kneel or be prostrate with my face in the dust?  Wouldn’t it be presumptuous to stand in His presence?

The verse for today speaks of standing in awe of Him.  With respect and reverence one can stand before Him as an expression of awe.  Because of His grace and pardon, I will be able to stand before Him.  On my own merit I cannot.

When my French chorale, Joie et Vie, performs, there is often a standing ovation as we finish the concert.  The clapping becomes rhythmic and the audience stands in appreciation and as a sign for an encore.  When I read today’s verse and think of this example, I can imagine myself leaping to my feet in awe.  What I will be feeling will be much stronger than just appreciation.  My mouth will be open in awe!  This feeling of awe will be so strong that I will not be able to stay seated!

How amazing is His grace that allows me to stand in His presence!  How awe inspiring He is!

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