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stain-removalScripture for Today: Jeremiah 2:22  “Although you wash yourself with soap and use an abundance of cleansing powder, the stain of your guilt is still before Me, declares the Sovereign Lord.”

I can identify with this man.  Probably the shirt was new, and of course, it had to be white!  There is a member of our extended family (not to worry, he will remain unnamed) who is an expert at staining his clothes.  The food literally jumps off his fork and on to his shirt!  Really!

In my house, the husband does the laundry as so much of it is basketball related!  He does a good job and even keeps a bottle of spray stain remover next to each laundry basket.  The idea is to treat the stains quickly, but the wife often forgets.

Our verse for today talks about a very difficult stain to remove; the stain of guilt.  This guilt came from the sin of worshiping other gods.  Rather than admit their sin in confession, the Israelites tried to clean themselves up and continue worshiping God as usual.  But there is only one way to remove guilt and that is through admitting wrongdoing and asking forgiveness.

The godly sorrow spoken of in II Cor. 7:10 is a guilt that brings repentance and leads to salvation and leaves no regret!  That is the stain remover the Lord uses!  But the worldly sorrow only brings death, as repentance is not involved and the guilty stain is not removed.

I am so often amazed that the Lord takes away the sin AND the guilt.  Our Enemy does his best to accuse me and remind me of my past.  But I know that God does not hold against me what has been forgiven!  How gracious He is to remove all my guilty stains!

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  1. God works far better than Tide be Gone — thank you Lord for your cleaning power. xxxooo


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