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imagesScripture For Today: Psalms 105:3  “Glory in His holy name; Let the heart of those who seek the Lord be glad.”

I am sure I am dating myself when I mention, “The Man From Glad!”  He was the spokesperson for the Glad Bag product back in the day.  He was always dressed in a white suit, and had white hair.  His job?  To make the housewife glad again by saving her from her bumbling husband!

Would that life were so simple.  Gladness of heart for me is usually tied to a happy set of circumstances having nothing to do with wrapping food in the kitchen.  But my emotions can be so fickle.  The same set of circumstances can be repeated the following day but with no accompanying gladness.  Sometimes I am just in a “funk” with no good reason.  Usually, doing something for someone else can lift my mood but not always.  Singing or counting my blessings is a great reminder of God’s goodness.  Yet, I can easily slip back to that same emotional state.

Our verse for today is the ultimate solution!  Seeking after the Lord makes me glad.  Just communing with Him and reading His Word turns me around.  I get my little mind off myself and on to His incredible Person.  Talking with Him and pouring out my heart makes it lighter!  He is so good and patient.  He remembers that I am just dust.  He always has time for me and does not chide me for being so petty.

I can often relate to the up-and-down emotions that David expresses in his Psalms.  But I do not have to be a victim of my emotions.  He is there and HE is the One who lifts my head (Psalm 3:3).  Thank you, Lord, that seeking after You makes me glad!


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  1. Thank you Jan, this one really hits the spot today for me.


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