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Law and Grace


Cour d'Appel de ColmarScripture for Today:  John 1:17  “For the Law was given through Moses; grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ.”

This beautiful building in Colmar is the Cour D’Appel or the Court of Appeal.  We pass it often as it is very near the train station.  Thankfully, I have never had occasion to enter it for any official reasons.  It was built in 1906 in a neo-baroque style and has changed hands a number of times with the Germans.  Interestingly, above its massive front door is the figure of the Greek goddess, Nemesis.  She represents the spirit of retribution and vengeance.  The name, “Nemesis” is related to a Greek word meaning, “to give what is due.”

Obviously, we need law to keep order and mete out justice.  The Law given by Moses was in fact written by God’s finger, twice!  Without law, we would not know what sin is.  I do not realize I am speeding if there is no sign posted with the speed limit.  But the Law or ten commandments is a standard with which no one can completely comply.  It is needed to show us our guilt and to lead us to the One who has fulfilled it for us.  Jesus did for us what we could not do for ourselves.  He kept the Law perfectly.  And through faith in Him, we are justified, or declared righteous.

I am so thankful that justice was satisfied through Jesus.  I shudder to think of getting what is really due me.  He does not deal with me according to my sin (Psalm 103:10).  Instead, He shows me His undeserved favor.  Because of Jesus, I do not fear divine retribution or vengeance.  In its place, He gives me grace that is amazing!  Ten thousand years will not be long enough to thank Him!

2 thoughts on “Law and Grace

  1. Jan, I’ve been reading “Unmerited Favor” by Joseph Prince. It is speaking to my heart in such a wonderful way! He mirrors your words. Blessings on your day. Sharon


  2. Good words. Thank God for his grace!


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