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34Scripture for Today:…….I Cor. 4:20  “For the kingdom of God does not consist in words but in power.”

My husband was a chemistry teacher for fifteen years at a public high school in California.  His lab demonstrations added a lot of interest to his course.  So much of learning is visual.  The scientific principles he taught were more likely to be remembered if they could be seen and demonstrated.  Although it took more preparation, the power and impact of a demonstration was always worth it.

Our verse for today is in the context of a reprimand of Paul to the Corinthian church.  In his absence, teachers had swayed the people’s thinking.  Their words were wise according to the world.  By contrast, Paul’s words seemed foolish.  Their words projected an image of strength, whereas Paul’s words looked weak in comparison.  These teachers with their arrogant beautiful words were honored.  Paul’s words caused him to be despised and persecuted in the world.

Thankfully, the kingdom of God does not consist in words.  I know people who can talk me into a corner.  Speaking French can often put me at a disadvantage!  But God’s kingdom is not about the words, regardless what language is used.  His kingdom is about His power to change lives.  There are those who’s words can be very alluring and smooth.  But without God there is no power.

Those unlearned fishermen in Matthew 10:20 were able to speak before kings and governors.  It was not their words but the words of the Spirit within them.  That is the power of God’s Kingdom!  He demonstrates His power through my simple unsophisticated words.  Thank you, Lord, that Your power is working in me to do more than I can imagine!

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