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imagesScripture for Today:  Job 28:18 “Coral and jasper are not worthy of mention; the price of wisdom is beyond rubies.”

The ruby is my birth stone and I have always been drawn to it.  Pictured here are rubies from Burma, which for centuries have been its main source.  Rubies have been especially valued in Asian countries.  They have decorated armor, scabbards and the harnesses belonging to noblemen.

This precious stone can be anywhere from pink to blood red.  Their color is the most important factor in determining their value.  But just as with diamonds, clarity is important too.   The cut and weight is also a factor in its worth.  Elizabeth Taylor’s ruby ring and necklace auctioned for more than seven million dollars!  And to think that the ruby will be part of the foundation of the walls of the New Jerusalem! (Rev. 21:20)

Our verse for today teaches that wisdom is more valuable than rubies.  Wisdom can be described as skillful living.  It is knowing what to do and then doing it.  Wisdom cannot be bought or auctioned.  It is not acquired through reading or study.  It cannot be taught.  There is only one source; God.  He gives wisdom to those who ask it of Him (James 1:5).

There are major decisions looming in our future.  We do not know ahead of time what to do.  There are too many unknowns and too many variables.  But we are not expected to have it all figured out in advance.  We walk by faith and not by sight.  That faith is exercised when we ask Him for wisdom.  He responds to that faith by giving wisdom liberally and without reproach.

Thank you, Lord, that when it is time for a decision, Your wisdom will show us what to do and You will give the ability to do it.

One thought on “Rubies

  1. Rubies are my second favorite gem stone (diamonds being the first) — I have loved them since I read Snow White as a young child — her lips were ruby red. Thank you for the reminder that there is something far morevaluable than the beauty and worth of rubies as lovely as they are. xxxooo


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