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The 5 Senses

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yvoire-garden-5-sensesScripture for Today:  John 20:29  “Jesus said to him (Thomas), ‘Because you have seen Me, have you believed?  Blessed are they who did not see and yet believed.'”

We had the privilege of visiting this remarkable garden in Yvoire, France, in the Rhone Alps region.  It is situated on the shores of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) and was originally the garden of a 14th century château.  It is called the Labyrinth, Garden of Five Senses.  There are more than one thousand types of vegetation.  Everything in this garden has the potential to awaken the five senses: the flowers (sight and touch), the aromatic plants (smell), the fruit trees (taste), and the song of the turtledoves in the aviary (hearing).

Our verse for today mentions one of the senses; SIGHT.  Jesus is encouraging Thomas to see and touch His nail scarred hands in order to believe.  But in fact, all five of our senses are employed in knowing Him.  Psalms 119:103 says that His words are sweeter than honey (TASTE).  Psalms 85:8 talks about hearing what the Lord has to say (HEARING).  II Corinthians 2:14 speaks of the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him (SMELL).  And in Luke 6:19 the crowds try to touch Jesus to experience His healing power (TOUCH).

The Lord created us to use and even depend on our five senses.  But in fact, there is special blessing promised for those who believe without the help of our physical senses.  His blessing for me is a heightening of my spiritual senses.  I cannot touch Him but His arms touch and hold me.  Many times while reading His Word, my spirit hears Him speaking directly to me.  I do not see Him but He causes me to feel His presence.

For some, “seeing is believing.”  Thank you, Lord, that believing is seeing!

One thought on “The 5 Senses

  1. A good reminder that faith leads to deeper understanding and experiencing of God.


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