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Running Water

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weirdest_sculptures_and_statues_around_the_world_1Scripture for Today: I Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray without ceasing.”

What an amazing sculpture this is!  There are fountains everywhere in Europe and I love the sound of the splashing water.  Some are very impressive and have a long history.  But when I saw the image of this modern one, I could not resist it.  The illusion of that faucet hanging in the air is uncanny.  It seems as if the water is coming out of thin air, running continually.  But in fact, the water is from the pool and is somehow being recycled over and over again.

Our verse for today is very short and easily memorized.  However, following what it says is not so easy.  In fact, it seems nearly impossible.  When one thinks of prayer as bowing the head and closing the eyes, than every day living would have to come to a complete halt in order to obey!  But if prayer is considered quiet mental conversation with Him, than there is hope.  Prayer can be a daily running conversation.

Like that running water that seems non-stop, my communion with the Lord can be running non-stop throughout the day.  I am talking to Him with my eyes wide open.  I am talking to Him while deep in conversation with others.  I am talking to Him about what is going on around me.  He loves me so much He does not get tired of hearing me rattle on about everything!  His Word tells me that He inclines His ear towards me.  He wants to hear from me.  I find that incredible!

My running conversation with the Lord is to include thanking Him without ceasing (I Thes. 2:13).  It is also to be about interceding for others without ceasing (Romans 1:9).  There is lots to talk about!  Thank you, Lord, for listening!

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