Devotions By Jan

Thankful Praise


junk-food-cornucopia-500Scripture for Today: Psalm 71:14  “but as for me, I will hope continually, And will praise You yet more and more.”

Today is a day of Thanksgiving and apparently someone is thankful for sweets!  One would expect to see fruits and vegetables spilling out of this cornucopia.  The “horn of plenty” is normally a symbol of abundance and “nourishment.”  But I am not so sure how nourishing these sugary treats are!

As a child, I had an insatiable appetite for anything sweet.  It was such a problem that my dentist put me on a strict low sugar diet.  Thankfully, as an adult I have less desire for sugar and appreciate all kinds fruits and vegetables, including the previously detested squash!  It is odd how the less  sugar I eat, the less I crave it.  However, the more I indulge in sweets, the more I have a taste for it and the more I end up wanting!

Our verse for today is about something else for which we develop a “taste;” praise.  This psalm is said to be written by an “aged man.”  Over the years he has praised God more and more.  With longer life comes more reasons to praise Him.  Through the years God show us His grace and faithfulness over and over.  It would follow that there would be more and more praise for what He has done!

The more I praise God the more I want to praise Him!  Just as I once could not get enough sugar, I cannot praise Him enough!  I want His praise to be continually in my mouth! (Psalm 34:1)  Like Paul in I Thess. 2:13 I want to thank God without ceasing!

Today is a special day of giving thanks.  Lord, may I have a thankful heart everyday that praises You yet more and more!

2 thoughts on “Thankful Praise

  1. happy thanksgiving, Jan! Hope you are able to celebrate with friends and family.


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