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Supply and Demand!

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small-baby-eating-watermelonScripture for Today: Philippians 4:19  “But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

This little guy seems to have eyes bigger than his stomach!  There is no way he will finish that enormous slice of watermelon, although I am sure he will have fun trying!  I would love to know the circumstances surrounding this photo.  Did this little boy cry for a slice?  Were the parents stressed and too rushed to give him a more reasonable taste?  Perhaps they were just interested in the photo opportunity.

Our verse for today is a wonderful testimony from Paul of God’s goodness.  Paul had just received a gift of supplies from the church at Philippi when he was under house arrest.  They were so generous with him that Paul reassures these believers of God’s continued provision for them!  Paul reminds us that it is God that is the ultimate source of all our provisions.  Even though Paul is under house arrest he could affirm that he had all he needed.  Paul had learned the secret of contentment.  Unfulfilled wants were not troubling him.

I often quote this verse when facing a need.  But I do not quote it when I am asking the Lord for something I want.  His promise concerns my need, not necessarily my “want.”  Quite frankly, I lack discernment.  Too many times in getting what I want I realize that it does not satisfy or was not good for me after all.  I am often like this baby who does not know when something is too much or inappropriate.

I do not know my own heart.  I do not know anything about my economic future.  But I do know the Lord is faithful to meet all my needs.  Lord, may this assurance be enough!



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