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Fast Food

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Scripture for Today:  Psalm 119:97 “Oh, how I love Your law!  I meditate on it all day long.”

In our hurried world, there are more and more opportunities to eat and run!  In this photo there is not much to indicate where one is!  Every city is looking much the same as any other with these fast food chains.  The temptation to eat hurriedly and “grab a bite” seems to always present itself.

The French culture is not about eating.  The culture here is about dining!  Food is to be prepared with care and attention to detail.  It is only in eating slowly that food is savored and appreciated.  With this cultural value, the people here have discerning palettes.  I am often surprised when my guests can taste a particular ingredient in my cooking!

Our verse for today is from a psalm that extols God’s Word.  Law, precepts, statutes, commands, decrees and ordinances all refer to God’s Word and they are sweet to the taste (verse 103).  For the psalmist, loving His Word means taking time to think on it all day long.  Meditating on its truth takes time.  The idea of meditating is to call something to mind over and over.

Life was hard in biblical times.  Everything took time.  There were no fast food choices, or any other time saving helps.  Big blocks of time for reading were maybe not an option.  But one thing is sure.  One always has the time to meditate on God’s truth.  Calling to mind a particular verse or promise is something that can be done in the midst of everyday activity.

Yes, life is incredibly busy and fast-paced.  But we always have the choice on which thoughts we choose to dwell.  Lord, keep my mind on You throughout this busy day!


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