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Light Bulb Ban

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bulbs-400x242Scripture for Today:  Psalm 43:3 “Send me Your light and Your faithful care, let them lead me.  Let them bring me to Your holy mountain, to the place where You dwell.”

The European Union has reached its goal of a total ban on incandescent bulbs.  This ban was done in stages beginning in 2009.  Although the up-front cost is higher, the resulting energy savings are thought to off set it.  It was feared that people would stock up on the old style before it was no longer available, but that has not happened.  It is amazing that this widespread change was done through legislation rather than conscience.

The lighting from these energy efficient LED or halogen bulbs is just as effective.  I can feel better using more light as my aging eyes seem to need it more.  With extra light I do not have to search for the magnifying glass to read a recipe.  Increased light makes all the difference.  The downside is seeing something still dirty that I thought I had cleaned!

Our verse for today is a prayer for light.  We need His light to guide us back to the altar, back to His presence.  We lose the way when our souls are downcast and disturbed.  Without His light, everything seems somber, confusing, and even despairing.  Disquieting thoughts and doubts keep us from enjoying His presence.  The light of His truth brings us back to praise.  It is in His presence that we find what we need.  He is our joy and delight.

Where do I find this light?  I find it in His Word.  His light points out the truth of His love and care.  It gives me hope.  It turns my disturbed soul back to praise!  Thank you Lord, that Your light brings me back to You!

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