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7590455Scripture for Today: Luke 10:27 “He answered, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.'”

Driving around Colmar, France can be confusing.  There is a peripheral road that surrounds the older section going one way.  If a turn is missed, then one is obliged to circle again.  The train station pictured here is my landmark.  It marks the exit road I take to leave the city.  And like so many European cities, the train station is always indicated on city signs.  I love the look of this building and learned that its twin is the train station of Gdansk, Poland!

In life we need landmarks as well.  It is easy to get confused and lost.  Our verse for today gives a “landmark” that helps to evaluate if we are going in the right direction.  In this verse is a principle that affects every area of our lives; love.  Loving God with our whole being; heart, soul, strength and mind indicates the direction our lives take.  Loving our neighbor as ourselves keeps us from following the dead ends of our own selfish desires.  In looking for this landmark we keep ourselves from displeasing our Lord.

The context of this verse is a conversation between Jesus and an expert of the Law.  These two commandments sum up all the Law and point out the impossibility of anyone succeeding,  Christ fulfilled the Law for me.  Yet, the principles found there are still a godly standard by which we can measure the direction of our lives.  Every activity, project or thought can be evaluated in the light of this love.

May every day be marked in some way by my love for You, Lord.


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