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Different Vessels

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MTS_sunni9676-1182712-Recolors2Scripture for Today: II Timothy 2:20 “Now in a wealthy home there are not only gold and silver vessels, but also ones made of wood and clay, and some are for honorable use, but others for ignoble use.”

At first glance, the items shown on this shelf appear to be mugs with various designs.  They are all made of clay and the shape and colors are inviting.  But in fact, they are chamber pots!  In former times this necessary item of personal hygiene was kept under the bed or in a nightstand cupboard.  They are still commonly used in North Korea and rural China in homes without indoor plumbing.  The best ones of course come with a lid!

Our verse for today describes different vessels made of various materials for different uses.  The clay or wood vessels were for practical but ignoble use.  One would never think to fashion a chamber pot out of gold or silver!  That material was reserved for vessels set apart for special occasions.

The context of our verse goes on to say that the vessels in gold or silver are for honorable use.  They are set apart and useful to the Master, prepared for every good work.  The deciding factor in what kind of vessel I am in the Master’s hand is whether I have been cleansed from evil.  Vessels of gold and silver are those who pursue righteousness, faithfulness, love and peace in the company of others with a pure heart.  Just as the difference is clear between gold and silver compared with wood and clay, so the difference is obvious between those whose lives conform to God’s standards and those who follow the world.

Thank you Lord, for setting me apart for honorable service.  May this vessel be useful to You today.

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