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Broken GPS

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 18:21-22 “For I have kept the ways of the Lord.  I am not guilty of turning from my God.  All His Laws are before me.  I have not turned from His decrees.”

We were traveling through unfamiliar territory and we had studied our map ahead of time.  It was a good thing as our GPS decided to break down.  For every single exit we approached it told us to turn off.  She instructed us in such a confident voice.  There was never a re-direct when passing an exit.  She just told us to get off at the next one, then the next one.  We finally just turned her off.

Our verse for today talks about not turning away from God’s Law.  His decrees are like a large straight road ahead of us.  Obeying Him keeps us on that main road.  Unfortunately, there are other voices trying to get us off that clear path.  There is an exit tempting us to turn off every so often.  The world tries to direct us to what is thought to be the exit to happiness.  Here is the exit for peace.  Coming up is the exit for health and wealth.  Turn off here for a good time!  When we follow the way that seems right to man, we can end up like a car in a ditch! (Prov. 16:25)

Following God’s commandments promises reward (verse 20).  I am not deprived by passing by those exits.  He is my source of joy, peace and contentment.  Staying on His path of righteousness means living intentionally and with a clear purpose.  If not, it is too easy to follow the broken GPS of the world’s thinking.

Thank you Lord, for the joy of following Your clearly marked path.  Keep me from foolishly taking that exit!




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