Devotions By Jan

Broken Necklace


Turquoise Heart 2Scripture for Today: Luke 15:10 “In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

I was very proud of my turquoise necklace as I bought it for such a good price.  The stones were rough, uneven and clunky interspersed with smaller beads and I loved wearing it.  But one morning I discovered why it was such a good price.  The cord and closure were weak and it broke, scattering all over the floor.  Getting down on my hands and knees I was able to find most of the pieces, but some of those smaller beads are still missing!

When searching on the floor I could not help but think of the woman losing one of her ten silver coins in a parable Jesus told.  That coin was possibly part of a string of coins adorning her headdress.  She was diligent in searching for that lost coin, lighting her lamp and sweeping her floor until she found it.  Her joy at finding the coin was so great she just had to share the news with her friends and neighbors.

How amazing it is that God should search and search for the sinner who is lost!  Our verse for today describes the joy that even the angels experience when that one sinner repents and is found.  Each of us individually is that important to the Lord.  Each of us has that much value to Him.  In His love He allows me to feel my plight of being lost.  He then scoops me up into His arms with joy!  I am no longer lost when safe, secure and loved in those arms.

Yes, I once was lost.  Thank you Lord, for searching and finding me!


2 thoughts on “Broken Necklace

  1. What I love about the Lost Coin parable is that it flips the table on the Hidden Treasure and Precious Pearl Parables. In the case of the treasure and pearl, the Kingdom of God is the treasure and the people will give up all they have to have God in their lives. In the lost coin parable, we are God’s treasure, and God searches for us diligently in our times of getting lost in life (which may or may not have been our choice–a lost coin doesn’t lose itself!) until we are safe in God’s arms.


    • Thanks, Diane, for your insight! Apart from the parable on hidden treasure, there is also Isaiah 45:3 that says hidden treasures come from His hand so that we may understand who He is! It’s all good!


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