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Solar Powered

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voltaracerreviewScripture for Today: Psalm 119:28 “My soul is weary with sorrow. Strengthen me according to Your Word.”

I know of a sweet little boy who recently got very frustrated.  His solar powered toy car would not work.  It had provided many hours of fun in the sun, but now he was inside the house and the shutters were closed.  The car came to a standstill and would not move.  His mother very kindly opened the shutters and oriented the car in a ray of sunlight coming in the window.  My little friend was thrilled that his car could move again.  Of course, solar energy is a great power source for many more important things than a toy car.  But one thing will always be needed to provide that power; the sun.

Our verse for today describes a weariness of the soul.  It is different than a physical fatigue and it is caused by unhappiness.  Dealing with too much sorrow weighs us down and crushes our spirit.  With that weariness comes deep sighing seeming to rise from the soul itself.  Pleasant activities and sleep may relieve it a bit, but it is still there and felt, especially in those quiet reflective moments.  But there is an answer to that weariness.  Strength is available for our souls and it is found in God’s Word.

When I read God’s love letter to me, the weariness lifts.  I am oriented towards the Son and can be renewed and empowered to go on.  The reassurances of His promises and His control give me new spiritual and emotional strength.  But quite frankly, when I am that weary of soul, I sometimes ignore His Word and remain in a standstill, paralyzed.

Keep me in Your Word today, Lord.  Oh, how I need to be strengthened!


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