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Security Locks

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TooManyLocks_SafeSound_MarkGabel_NaplesFLScripture for Today: Psalm 112:8 “Their hearts are secure, they will have no fear; in the end they will look in triumph on their foes.”

I am all for making a home secure, but it looks as if someone went a little overboard here!  I am not even sure how effective all these locks are.  If an intruder is really intent on entering he would find a way.  At best, these locks may slow him down a bit.  However, for this homeowner, perhaps seeing all those locks gives him a sense of security.  That feeling of security may be an illusion but even so it may give a temporary peace of mind.

Our verse for today describes a heart that is secure and it is not the result of any illusion.  The righteous, or those in right standing with the Lord, are feeling this security as a result of trust.  Their hearts are not only secure but steadfast (verse 7) and without fear.  They do not fear their enemies nor do they fear bad news.  The righteous will not be shaken and God honors them for their trust in Him.  The wicked see this and gnash their teeth in frustration! (verse 10)

That place of trust is not so obvious after having a close brush with the wicked or being menaced by them.  We live in a fallen world surrounded by evil.  Yet, the Lord wants us to live confidently, sure of His control in every situation.  If evil does touch us, we know that in the end we are victorious!  We are even vindicated in the presence of our enemies as God honors our faithfulness! (Psalm 23:5)  Our hearts can remain steadfast and sure, trusting in  God’s power and goodness.

Thank you Lord, that You are my best security.  Help me to fully trust You today.



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