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Great Expectations

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24Scripture for Today: Psalm 27:4 “One thing I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord, to seek Him in His temple.”

My favorite Christmas store in the world is the Käthe Wohlfahrt store in Riquewihr, France.  The German store is a chain but this particular location is magical in itself!  Looking over that railing at the scene below always fills me with wonder and delight.  Expectations are high every Christmas season to somehow create that perfect decor or that perfect setting.  If everything is well-planned and well thought out, then surely there will be peace on earth and good will everywhere!

These are perhaps unrealistic expectations.  The day after Christmas can especially be a bit of a “let-down.”  The presents are unwrapped, the sugar high is finished and one wonders where that warm fuzzy feeling went.  If we could just stay in that place of beauty and contentment!

Our verse for today speaks of a place where we can constantly dwell.  There is no day after.  One never needs to leave.  There is beauty in this place.  Expectations are never too high so there is no let-down.  To be in the Lord’s presence and gaze upon His beauty is an experience that never has to end.  The warmth and comfort of His love rivals any warm and fuzzy feeling from holidays, music and decorations.

There are many things I could have requested for Christmas.  But I have lived long enough to know that any item will eventually lose its shine and luster.  But the beauty of the Lord is forever and He invites me to continually gaze on Him!

Lord, keep me seeking You above all else.


One thought on “Great Expectations

  1. You summed it up so well, Jan, and with such beautiful pictures! We didn’t reach Riquewehr last week but came close with trips to Colmar, Kaysersburg and Ribeauville. Of the 3 , Kaysersburg was my favorite. Somehow we missed each other this Christmas! So close and yet not! Fortunately there’s a better way of staying connected and i am grateful for His word and your thoughts.

    Love, Susan


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