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Dutch Doors

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dutch-door-ext-screen-3Scripture for Today: Psalm 48:14 “For this God is our God for ever and ever. He will be our guide even to the end.”

I love the look of a Dutch door.  It evokes a feeling of warmth and welcome.  It also reminds me of the countryside and a by-gone era when it was used to keep animals out and children within.  Fresh air could pass through and from it one could greet the passerby.  These doors were common in the Netherlands in the 17th century, thus the name “dutch door.”  But it is also called a stable door or a half door.

Our verse for today gives us assurance that God will guide the steps of His children.  He is not just “a” god, but the only true God and one who is entirely personal; “our God.”  He is intimately involved in the decisions of our lives.  When we submit to Him and seek His plan for our lives, His Spirit uses His Word, the counsel of others and circumstances to lead and guide.

We often speak of God “closing a door” when He does not allow us to continue in a certain direction.  Paul experienced this when he and his companions tried to enter Bithynia but “the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them to.” (Acts 16:7)  Like Paul, we sometimes encounter a closed door.  It can be a relief to see it and be assured that God is making His direction very clear.  The confusion can come when a door seems to be half open!

We walk by faith and not by sight (II Cor. 5:7) and I do not always see His direction.  Perhaps He uses the half-door when either one of two choices is acceptable to Him.  Thank you Lord, that in Your love and grace You allow me the freedom to choose!

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