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cloakScripture for Today: Psalm 109:29 “May my accusers be clothed with disgrace and wrapped in shame as in a cloak.”

I am not sure that cloaks are making a comeback, but I do see them from time to time.  I have a friend whose marriage took place in the ruins of a German castle.  She very creatively put a dark blue velvet cloak over her wedding dress and the effect was stunning, especially in those surroundings!  But often, a cloak is considered secretive and sinister somehow.  The term “cloak and dagger,” is thought to come from a practice in the 16th century.  A combatant hid the presence and the movement of his dagger from his opponent by holding his cloak in his other hand.

Our verse for today is part of David’s prayer for help.  He was being slandered by his enemies.  They spoke against him with lying tongues and seemingly without cause.  Perhaps there is nothing more damaging to one’s sense of well-being then to be continually and falsely accused.  David describes himself as being wounded in his heart (verse 22).  He felt as insignificant as a locust being shaken off an arm (verse 23).  David prays for vindication from the Lord.  He prays that they would be enveloped in their own shame.

There is someone who accuses me and he does it before God.  Unfortunately, the accusations of Satan are not false.  I know my own wicked heart and that I do not deserve salvation.  Yet, God in His mercy and love stands at my right hand to save my life from those who would condemn me (verse 31).  That is because I am in Christ and He took my condemnation on Himself! (Rom. 8:1)

Thank you Lord, that you have exchanged my shameful cloak for a robe of righteousness!

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