Devotions By Jan

Selective Hearing

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Scripture for Today:  Mark 4:23  “If any man have ears to hear, let him hear.”

How odd to see headphones on a dog!  This one does not seem bothered wearing them.  But I imagine getting him to obey one’s commands would be next to impossible!  Of course, listening to our music has the added benefit of blocking out all unwanted noise.  Teenagers wearing ear plugs can provoke all kinds of frustration for the parent.  But I love being able to block out noise with them on a plane.  It is great way to avoid listening to a loud conversation.

Our verse today talks about listening as well.  It is a phrase used only by Jesus and He said it eight times in the Gospels to get His listeners’ attention.  He knows that we all suffer from “selective hearing.”  There is a story about a bird’s song going totally unnoticed on a crowded city street.  But the softer sound of some coins dropping on the pavement caused everyone to turn their heads.  So it is with selective hearing.

There are a multitude of sounds all clamoring for my attention during the day.  Some of these sounds are inevitable, but many of them I can disregard.  But there is a still small voice that, like Elijah, I need to discern.  The question I need to ask myself is, “Do I really want to hear what He is saying.?”

As a teenager I remember times I tried to avoid punishment from my parents by responding with, “But I did not hear you!”   I think I have that attitude sometimes about what God’s Word tells me to do.  I do not want to hear Him ask what is uncomfortable or difficult.  But then I would not hear His whispers of love either.

Lord, I really want to hear You.  Please speak to me today.


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