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Selective Hearing

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muttmuffs2Scripture for Today:  Mark 4:23  “If any man have ears to hear, let him hear.”

I never knew one could purchase ear muffs for dogs!  This one does not seem bothered wearing them.  But I imagine getting him to obey one’s commands would be next to impossible!  Of course, teenagers wearing ear plugs can provoke all kinds of frustration for the parent.  But I am a firm believer in wearing earplugs on the plane to block out unwanted noise for sleeping.  It is great way to avoid listening to a loud conversation.

Our verse today talks about listening as well.  It is a phrase used only by Jesus and He said it eight times in the Gospels to get His listeners’ attention.  He knows that we all suffer from “selective hearing.”  There is a story about a bird’s song going totally unnoticed on a crowded city street.  But the softer sound of some coins dropping on the pavement caused everyone to turn their heads.  So it is with selective hearing.

There are a multitude of sounds all clamoring for our attention during the day.  Some of these sounds are inevitable, but many of them we can disregard.  But there is a still small voice that, like Elijah, we need to discern.  The question I need to ask myself is, “Do I really want to hear what He is saying.?”

As a teenager I remember times I tried to avoid punishment from my parents by responding with, “But I did not hear you!”   I think I have that attitude sometimes about what God’s Word tells me to do.  I do not want to hear Him ask what is uncomfortable or difficult.  But then I would not hear His whispers of love either.

Lord, I really want to hear You.  Please speak to me today.


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