Devotions By Jan

Calm Rip Current


calm-rip-currentScripture For Today: Psalm 119:10 “I seek You with all my heart; do not let me stray from Your commands.”

A rip current can look deceptively calm.  The one pictured here looks like a small river on the surface of the water, flowing away from the shore.  A rip current is not an undertow as it will not pull you under.  Nor is it a riptide as it has nothing to do with tides.  But this strong current can quickly carry one out to sea.  It is dangerous to fight against it.   The only way to get out of it is to swim parallel to the shore.

Our verse for today reminds us of how easy it is to stray from what we know God wants of us.  His Word is the shore.  Straying from His commandments is like going further and further out from the shore.  The water seems calm enough.  It seems an easier life to follow the thinking of the world.  We wonder where the harm is and we rationalize our behavior.  But before we know it, we are far away from His presence and blessing in our lives.

The water that looked calm, inviting, and without waves is in fact the most dangerous.  Trying to remedy the situation myself is like fighting the current and getting nowhere.  I eventually wear myself out.  It is at that moment I look to “the shore” for help.  In humble repentance, I realign myself with Him and what is right, and He graciously helps me out of the watery mess.

I can avoid straying into that calm rip current by seeking Him with all my heart.  If I am seeking Him, I am seeking to obey Him as well.  Lord, keep me safe and close to shore!




2 thoughts on “Calm Rip Current

  1. Love this analogy, Jan! This is so true!!! Praying to continually seek the Lord with all my heart and stay close to the shore!


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