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Baby Bats

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 26:2-3 “Test me, Lord, and try me, examine my heart and mind, for I have always been mindful of Your unfailing love and have lived in reliance on Your faithfulness.”

I did not think I could ever consider a bat as “cute” but these baby bats come close!  I remember bats crashing my daughter’s outdoor birthday party in Grenoble.  They invaded at dusk and swooped around making us all nervous.  Their eyesight during the day is fine, but for night time hunting, bats rely on their hearing.  They emit a high-frequency sound that bounces back off objects to guide them.

Our verse for today talks about relying on something much more important than our physical senses.  David describes his life as having been lived in reliance on God’s faithfulness.  He has moved with assurance through life’s obstacles being mindful and aware of God’s unfailing love God for him.  He is so confident of this guiding principle in his life that he invites the Lord to try and examine his heart.

Knowing that one is loved completely changes a life.  Relying on a love that never fails or disappoints changes how life is lived.  David blew it in so many ways, and yet, his reliance on the faithful love of God enabled him to hang on to forgiveness and to keep going.

There are many things one relies on but none so sure, steady and consistent as the Lord’s love.  It is foundational to my life and without it I would be utterly lost.  His love gives me purpose.  His love gives motivation to live each day.  His love is my support when I am shaken.  Thankfully, His love does not change when I stray from Him.

Thank you Lord, that I can always rely on Your love and faithfulness!



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