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BN-GK369_0113st_G_20150113111148Scripture for Today: Philippians 2:3 “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.”

I am not sure what this young woman pictured here is thinking.  It seems she is taking the selfie idea a bit too far!  But I cannot be too critical as we recently bought the selfie stick ourselves.  My husband has always taken great pictures but has sometimes complained that when he dies, there will be no pictures of him!  That is because he is always the one behind the camera.  I am glad that now there will be more pictures where he is included.

Our verse for today talks about the one who is consumed with vain conceit, thinking only about self and obsessed with getting ahead.  People like this create relationships with others only if that person can be of some use.  This is the person who talks incessantly about himself.  Their world revolves uniquely around them.  Being in a friendship with this individual can be a very unsatisfying experience as there is no give and take.

The change of heart the Lord makes in us allows us to look to the interests of others and not just our own (verse 4).  It is in being humble that I can sincerely value others above myself.  My example of humility is Christ Himself, who laid aside all His divine rights and privileges to serve to the utmost.  How much it must hurt His heart to see me grasping on to my rights in selfish pride as I ignore the need of another.  As His own, my world no longer revolves around me.  My world revolves around Him and living my life for Him.

Lord, make me humble enough to forget myself and to look to the needs of others.



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