Devotions By Jan

The “Trust Fall”

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 118:13 “I was pushed back and about to fall, but the Lord helped me.”

Team building exercises in a group often include the “trust fall.”  It is not a very comfortable experience to fall back with the anticipation that others will come through and catch you.  For this exercise to succeed, everyone has to take their role seriously.  The scene in this photo has an important element missing.!  The young man has the fall perfectly executed, but there is no one to catch him.  Those two women are obviously not very trustworthy!

Our verse for today is a call to praise for God’s deliverance from enemies.  The Lord’s right hand has done mighty things (verse 16) one of which was protection from falling.  Enemies push hard.  But our God is trustworthy and catches us when we are about to fall.  This psalm is full of shouts of victory and triumph over enemies.  He is our strength and salvation.  He does not disappoint.

Enemies today push just as hard.  The scorn and mocking of a colleague at work may destabilize us.  Someone we were counting on for help may let us down.  We are thrown off balance when a friend betrays a confidence.  We are blindsided by someone who publicly denounces us.  I am disappointed and surprised when pushed around by the very one I trusted.  Better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in humans (verse 8).  The Lord will never betray my trust.  He is always there to help and place me firmly back on my feet.  How wonderful to know that I can always count on Him.

Thank you Lord, that even when pushed, You will not let me fall when I place my trust in You.

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