Devotions By Jan

Treading Water

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Scripture for Today: James 5:11 “As you know we count as blessed those who have persevered. You have heard of Job’s perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about. The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.”

I have never seen pigs fly or tread water!  But I suppose that treading water is instinctive for most animals.  Otherwise there are only two choices; sink or swim!  With treading water you are going nowhere, just trying to keep the head above water.  Staying stationary may look like there is no progress but at least there is survival!  From the surface all can seem calm and unruffled, but underneath the water is churning with frantic movement to stay afloat!

Our verse for today tells us that we are blessed or happy when we persevere.  During the tragedies that Job experienced, he never let go of his faith.  It seemed as if his trials would overwhelm him, but he persevered, keeping his head above water.  However, he had to wait.  What the Lord did to recompense Job did not happen immediately.  The Lord finally brought about a wonderful change in his circumstances.  Meanwhile, Job was treading water to stay afloat.

It can seem as if we are making no progress in a sea of problems.  It can seem as if we are stationary, going nowhere.  Sometimes all I have going for me is keeping my head up.  God, in His mercy and compassion, will eventually move on my behalf.  He will either change my heart or my circumstances.  And when He finally does, I am blessed in a way that would not have happened otherwise.  I can trust that everything happening to me will be resolved by His mercy and compassion.

Thank you Lord, that You will help me persevere!

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