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Close It!

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Scripture for Today:  Proverbs 21:23  “He who guards his mouth and his tongue, guards his soul from trouble.”

I can imagine all kinds of scenarios to explain this poor muzzled bird!  Perhaps silence was important to avoid the danger of a lurking cat.  It could be that constant interruptions led to this unlikely scene!  In the context of a couple, maybe there was just so much nagging one could take!  Or perhaps the bird was singing off key!  In any case, this bird’s mouth was closed for her.  She had no say in the matter.

Our mouths get us in all kinds of trouble!  What seems reasonable and necessary to say can wreak havoc on relationships.  When it comes to hasty words, they can never be called back.  Unlike the written word, there is no eraser or delete button.  Our words can lead to all kinds of unintentional division and hurt.

James 3 tells us that no one can tame the tongue.  Without the guarding action of the Holy Spirit, there is no hope for it.  Our mouths are the source of so much trouble.  I had a hard time keeping it closed when I was in 7th grade.  To this day, I remember the frustration of my teacher telling me I had “diarrhea of the mouth!”  Trouble indeed!

I cannot rely on myself.  My mouth is stronger than my own intentions, seemingly with a life all its own.  The best I can do to control my mouth is to echo the prayer of David in Psalm 141:3, “Set a guard over my mouth, O Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips.”  It is the only solution to avoiding hurt and misunderstanding.

Thank you, Lord, that You can control my mouth, and when necessary, close it!

(Look familiar?  This is a summer re-post due to ministry schedule.)


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