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Losing My Head!

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lifebuzz-dancer d606fe-limit_2000Scripture for Today: Psalm 107:6 “Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them from their distress.”

This gymnast is incredibly flexible.  With this move it looks as if she has no head!  It reminded me of the French expression, “avoir perdu la tête,” meaning to have lost one’s head.  It is used to describe feeling absolutely overwhelmed with life, to the point of losing one’s mind.  So many problems are clamoring for attention at once that one does not know where to start.  To lose one’s head is not such a pretty graceful sight as the one pictured here!

Today’s verse is repeated word for word three more times in this psalm.  Each time a different set of problems is described.  And each time the trouble and distress pushed the people to cry out to the Lord.  In His grace He responded every time with deliverance.  He delivered the hungry thirsting wanderers to a city to settle.  God delivered those experiencing hard labor by breaking their chains.  He delivered the sick and dying with healing.  And God delivered those facing danger by guiding them into a safe haven.

My problems seem small in comparison to the troubles and distress faced by so many.  Even so, the Lord waits for me to cry out to Him.  In His love and grace He desires to deliver me and show His power through that deliverance.  I do not have to tough it out alone.  I do not need to lose my head either!  I only need to cry out to Him and He answers.  And like those delivered in this text, I want to respond with thanks for His unfailing love!

Lord, You are my help and deliverer and I thank You for Your unfailing love.


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