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Through the Roof

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article-2250766-16960521000005DC-805_634x401Scripture for Today: Psalm 111:2 “Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them.”

I am amazed at some of the Christmas displays and lights on private homes!  It is so pretty to drive around and enjoy the ambiance.  But the display pictured here is unique.  There is a subtle message from this tree that seemingly goes through the roof!  We want our Christmas decorations to be bigger and better than the neighbors.  An insidious competitive spirit invades our thinking and we spend more time and money than we had planned.  The admiring glances of our handiwork take on a bigger and bigger importance!

There is no Christmas display that can rival the great works spoken of in today’s verse!  His works are glorious and majestic (verse 3).  They are worth our deepest admiration.  The works of His hands are faithful and just (verse 7).  Long after the Christmas lights and decorations come down, He causes His wonders to be remembered (verse 4).  The delight we take from pondering His works can last all year long!

Mary knew to ponder God’s great works (Luke 2:19).  The miracles surrounding the birth of Jesus were without doubt remembered and reflected on often throughout her lifetime.  Regardless of the hard times she had to endure, I am certain she was able to delight in her participation in God’s glorious work!

Do I delight in God’s great, glorious and majestic works?  Or maybe I am too easily distracted by what man can come up with!  The most elaborate Christmas decoration cannot hold a candle to even one star in His celestial display.  But the most awe-inspiring work at Christmas is the miraculous birth of His Son, bringing peace and hope.

Thank you Lord, for the delight I find in pondering You!


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