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Distressed Wood

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wood281123201709251733uxEgi7zCcScripture for Today: II Corinthians 4:17 “For our momentary light suffering is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison.”

This seems like a strange thing to do.  But if you want that “shabby chic” look, then there are many ways to mark up the wood.  Distressed wood can be achieved using a variety of tools, or just use rocks!  Perhaps my movers thought I was going for this look during my last move!  But this look cannot be realized with just one large gauge in the wood.  The distressed appearance is attained by many smaller nicks and cuts.  The result can be quite charming when done right.

Today’s verse speaks of light suffering.  Life is full of it.  By itself it is short-lived and really nothing to complain too much about.  But how annoying it can be.  All the traffic lights turn red at just the wrong moment.  The appointment you thought you had did not materialize.  The internet decides to be uncooperative.  What you thought was finished yesterday becomes unraveled today.

This was my morning.  It is “light suffering.”  But the meaning of our verse indicates that all suffering can be considered light when compared to what it will produce in eternity!  Paul could call his suffering “light” even though it included being shipwrecked, beaten, stoned and imprisoned! (II Cor. 11:25)  He could have that perspective because he was looking ahead.  Every suffering is used by God to produce something beautiful in us.  The finished product is yet to come and it is much more beautiful than anything we can imagine as we become like His Son!  Big or small, my suffering is never wasted in His creative hands.

Lord, thank you that You are creating something beautiful in me!  Help me keep that perspective today!



One thought on “Distressed Wood

  1. There is not much that can top seeing our “light suffering” come full circle and be used to help another. It really puts in perspective how God can use ALL things for His good in our lives.


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