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Hollow Chocolates

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1half-eaten-chocolate-bunny-carcous-large-msg-117615558194Scripture for Today:  Ephesians 5:18  “Do not get drunk on wine which leads to debauchery.  Instead be filled with the Spirit.”

Easter is just around the corner and the shelves are filled with chocolate bunnies and eggs.  Growing up my siblings and I enjoyed all the Easter-themed chocolates, and I have continued the tradition with my own children.  There is nothing quite like the squeals emitted when encountering that beautiful basket full of sweets!

I always hesitated to include in that basket bunnies or eggs that were hollow.  I still remember my own disappointment when biting into chocolate that had no filling.  Of course it was cheaper and not so rich for little tummies.  But I did not want them to feel that same disappointment I felt.

Our verse for today teaches believers that we are to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  Of course, all those who belong to Christ have the Spirit living within (Rom. 8:9).  However, one can choose whether or not to allow Him control.  When we are filled and controlled by Him we are speaking and singing His praises to others, singing and praising Him directly and living with a thankful heart.

I know when I am hollow and empty.  My day is marked by discontent.  My outlook is negative and I can find nothing for which to praise Him.  I can even feel irritated to hear others praising Him when I am just not feeling it!  I am not filled and controlled by Him because I have allowed other things to fill and control me.  It can be any number of substitutes but they will all leave me dissatisfied and empty.  Hollow even.

Thank you Lord, that You are there, ready to fill up all those hollow and empty places with Your loving and powerful Spirit.

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