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Dropping the Ball

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AP110919059631_pn9nhia0_if9517mtScripture for Today: Psalm 26:3 “For I have always been mindful of Your unfailing love and have lived in reliance on Your faithfulness.”

It was a good try.  This baseball player made every effort to hold on to that ball, so much so that he falls into the crowd.  But his forward momentum causes him to drop it.  One spectator seems to be concerned and reaches out to the player.  But the other spectator is all about the ball!  The expression, “dropping the ball,” has come to mean making an error, missing an opportunity or failing in some way.  The conclusion of others is often that one cannot trust that individual.

Today’s verse talks about God’s faithfulness and unfailing love.  God will never “drop the ball.”  He is true to His word and never disappoints.  So often in the psalms God’s love and faithfulness are declared together.  “Love and faithfulness meet together…” (Ps. 85:10)  His love reaches to the heavens and His faithfulness to the skies. (Ps. 36:5)  Throughout the psalms David proclaims that God’s love and faithfulness are evident in ALL He does and in ALL His ways.  David blew it and yet, his reliance on the faithful love of God enabled him to hang on to forgiveness and to keep going.

The Lord is not going to drop the ball with me.  There is nothing that I can rely on as sure, steady and consistent as His love.  It is foundational to my life and without it I would be utterly lost.  His love gives me purpose.  His love gives motivation to live each day.  His love is my support when everything around me is falling apart.  Thankfully, His love is faithful and will never change.

Thank you Lord, that I can count on Your faithful love today, and tomorrow.


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