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Who’s the Boss?

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Scripture for Today: Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”

There is no question as to who the boss is in this picture!  You would think that the dog with his exuberance, bark and bite would have his way, but no, the cat seems to be the boss.  The dog does not seem too bothered but makes the best of it.  Maybe he needs some “assertiveness training,” or at the least, a better understanding of his advantages.  But in the interest of peace and a decent sleep, he lets the cat have his way.

Today’s verse turns our attention away from the human boss to a divine one.  Our job title is not so important.  The chain of command is secondary.  The point of this verse is that we can do a task with “all of our heart” when we do it as for the Lord.  Many times, it is the only way to do something with all our heart.  That human boss can be just so incompetent and perhaps even arrogant.  An unreasonable and critical boss can make work a drudge.  Often, recognition for a job well done is non-existent.  The motivation to do well goes out the window with a boss like that!

Of course it matters what kind of boss I have.  But it matters less when I regard my efforts in the light of His approval. When I do my work for Him, it takes on a new importance.  Suddenly, the mundane takes on value.  When done for Him, I will care about the quality of my work.  He is worthy of my best efforts and He enables me to put my whole heart into it!

Thank you Lord, that working for You can be a pleasure!


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