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weather13241185_971427472978847_3957206843634190450_nScripture for Today: Psalm 119:160 “All Your words are true; all Your righteous laws are eternal.”

They say that weather prediction is not an exact science.  There is much we can predict with weather satellites and the latest technology.  Still, there is a certain amount of guess work involved.  Plans are made after checking the weather, but it is always wise to have an alternate plan.  For our daughter’s outdoor wedding in Oregon, we watched the weather predictions very carefully and had that plan B ready.  The forecast pictured here would have us all preparing for the end of the world on Thursday!!

Today’s verse reminds us that nothing untrue will ever come out of God’s mouth.  All His words are true and never does He make a mistake or have to go back on anything He has said.  He does not have to change His words to fit in with a new culture or a new century.  The truth of what He says is timeless and transcends culture.  There is no new information for Him.  Nothing could ever be invented or researched that could nullify the truth of His words.  His righteous laws and precepts work for every culture, for every person and for every decade.

There is new information coming at me every day.  There are new studies and discoveries that continually change our world and how we live in it.  How reassuring it is to know that God nor His word ever changes.  What was true thousands of years ago is still true.  I can confidently live my life on a stable foundation of truth.  And He daily  blesses me for it.  If what I hear in the world contradicts His Word, I know who to believe.

Thank you Lord, that I can depend on Your absolute truth.

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