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guardrail3Scripture for Today: Psalm 119:92-93 “If Your Law had not been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction.  I will never forget Your precepts, for by them You have preserved my life.”

I am sure that the driver of this car never looked at guardrails in just the same way again!  Of course they are there to protect the driver.  I cannot imagine complaining that the guardrail scratched the paint job, caused a dent, or even totaled a car.  It is there to save the driver from a bigger catastrophe.   Even if it does cause some damage, it can preserve a life.

Today’s verse describes God’s Law and precepts as preserving a life.  Our troubles and afflictions can feel overwhelming.  The weight of sadness and worry threatens to divert our path.  Life seems manageable until that unexpected catastrophe blindsides us.  Suddenly, life comes to a screeching stop.

The psalmist had no time in the middle of a catastrophe to pull out God’s Word.  God’s Law and precepts were already known and were his delight before disaster struck.  They were firmly planted in his memory and easily recalled at the very moment he needed them.  It was in remembering and applying God’s Law that he was able to survive his trial.

I cannot anticipate what hard thing may happen tomorrow or the next day.  But I can be ready for whatever comes by knowing and loving God’s Word today.  Knowing those promises of His love and care keep me from careening off the road.  I am not overwhelmed when I can hang on to God’s faithfulness.  His Word is not only my comfort but my survival.

Thank you Lord, that I can cling to Your Word and survive.


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