Devotions By Jan

“Can Opener Bridge”

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canopener1Scripture for Today: Psalm 119:66-67 “Teach me knowledge and good judgement, for I trust Your commands. Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey Your word.”

This railroad bridge in Durham, North Carolina is called the, “Can Opener Bridge,” for all the over-height truck roofs it has peeled back like sardine cans.   It is two feet lower than the average bridge, which is why there are multiple signs and flashing warning lights.  Even so, drivers routinely ignore the signs and crash into it at least once a month!  The city plans on installing an extra long red light to encourage drivers to stop, think and consider the warning signs!

Today’s verse recognizes that without God’s commands we get off track.  The Lord’s directives in Scripture are there to make us knowledgeable and give us good judgement in decision-making,  They are clearly posted and there is no ambiguity.  Yet, like those truck drivers, we have the freedom to ignore them.  We can think that the sign applies to someone else or that we know better.  Or perhaps we are distracted and just not looking.  It is not until “affliction” comes that we realize we have strayed away from God’s path of righteousness.

I do not want to get stuck and damaged because of my disobedience to what God has said.  The natural consequences from my poor decisions convince me that obeying His Word is far better!  But still, I am tempted to ignore the clearly posted signs and do what is easier and more popular.  However, I never have to wonder or question His way.  Like the author, I can trust His commands as being what is absolutely the best for me!

Lord, make me wise and knowledgeable simply by obeying You.


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