Devotions By Jan

One Thousandth Blog Post!


paul-muldoon9780374536688Scripture for Today: Psalm 119:72 “The law from Your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.”

I was intrigued by the title of this collection of poems by Paul Muldoon.  It is entitled, “One Thousand Things Worth Knowing.”  This Northern Irish poet has won the Pulitzer prize for a previous work and is a professor at Princeton.  His collection of poems has been described as full of witty pleasures, having strong feelings, as powerful and as a work meant to be re-read.

One thousand things contained in this work may very well be worth knowing.  But there is one place that I can always be confident that I will find something worth knowing.  And that is in God’s Word.  This is my 1000th blog post and for me, every verse I have quoted is worth knowing because of our Divine Author.

Today’s verse describes just how valuable God’s Word is.   It is more precious than thousands of pieces of gold or silver.  His words are always true and able to point one to the very Source of life.  What comes from His mouth is eternal and unchanging, able to draw its reader into a close intimate relationship with its Author.  And every word is worth knowing.

There is nothing more valuable in life than God’s revelation of Himself.  No matter how much I study, meditate, memorize or discuss the Bible with others, there is always more to learn.  It is so deep and personal that I can never completely know it.  The Lord continually reveals something new and different to verses I have known since childhood!  For me, writing this devotional blog has been an incredible blessing.  And my prayer is:

Lord, please give me a thousand more blog posts to encourage my heart and the hearts of others.



4 thoughts on “One Thousandth Blog Post!

  1. De tout cœur MERCI pour tes méditations : je suis très souvent encouragée par ton partage à persévérer dans mon cheminement de CONFIANCE avec le Seigneur et te souhaite l’inspiration d’En-Haut pour continuer ton blog !
    Je t’embrasse bien fort !


  2. Merci, Esther! Tes mots m’encouragent et j’ai besoin toujours des prières. Tu sais je prie pour toi chaque fois je porte des boucles d’oreilles que tu m’as offert….ça veut dire beaucoup!! De retour je t’embrasse!


  3. What a milestone! Thank you. Jan, for providing this spiritual food for us


  4. AND I HAVE ENJOYED AND BEEN BLESSED BY all 1000 !!! Thank you for being open to the Holy Spirit to use your God-given gifts to enrich, uplift, and bless your readers and exalt and glorify your Lord Jesus Christ.


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