Devotions By Jan

Turbulent Water


Scripture for Today:  Psalm 23:2-3a “He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters. He refreshes my soul.”

This water was fairly quiet and placid just moments before the submarine descended into its depths.  It left behind churning whitewater in its wake.  What makes this water turbulent are the water molecules moving in all different directions and at different speeds.  And that happens when there is heat or pressure.  The opposite is also true that the water remains calm and quiet without the heat or pressure.  Moving churning water is beautiful and exciting.  But there is something about still and quiet water that makes me calm down and grow reflective.

Today’s verse is from the well-known psalm describing the Lord as our Shepherd.  He knows His sheep intimately, understanding when we need excitement and activity and when we need to settle down and be still.  He knows exactly when we need to slow down and stop our frenzied activity.  He leads us when we listen and follow.  And where He takes us is to a place of quiet stillness where our souls can be refreshed and rejuvenated.  There we can take time to reflect, meditate on His goodness and find rest for our weary souls.

Somehow, I equate activity with spirituality.  The more I do for the Lord, the better Christian I am.  I am not so sure where that can be found in God’s Word!  The time I take by those still waters may be the true measure of my spiritual walk.  I can only take so much of the pressure and heat of activity before I just lose it!  How much better to listen and follow His lead.  He loves me and takes me to the quiet waters I need.

Refresh me today, Lord!


2 thoughts on “Turbulent Water

  1. This is what we needed and had, this weekend. He took us to that place of quiet stillness and we are refreshed today. We thank God for His goodness.


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