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Food Coma!

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commamrScripture for Today: Psalm 107:9 “For He satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul He fills with good things.”

The food coma often makes its appearance after the big copious Thanksgiving meal.  We tell ourselves that we are going to be reasonable this year.  But who ever takes only one piece of pie?  Then there is there is the “tryptophan” in the turkey which is blamed for us conking out on the couch (although this amino acid is also in other poultry, meat, cheeses, yogurt, fish and eggs).  The really annoying part is emerging from this food coma with stirrings of hunger you did not anticipate coming until the next day!

Today’s verse describes a satisfaction for the hungry soul.  There is no uncomfortable food coma as food is not involved.  Nor does this satisfaction for the soul wear off.  The hungering of our souls is satisfied forever with no lingering longing for something else.  The Lord fills us with good things that are good for us.  He knows exactly what to fill us with and how much.  His filling satisfies our deepest and even unconscious desires.

It is hard to even put my finger on what my soul longs for.  But I know I want peace there.  And of course love.  I also long to move through this life with a light spirit and joy.  More than anything I want be a kind soul that shows faithfulness to friends and gentleness to enemies.  All this goodness takes a patience and self-control that I cannot muster on my own.  But then as His child I do not have to.  These are the fruits of being filled with God Himself.

Lord, fill my hungry soul with Yourself today.

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