Devotions By Jan

Petty or Pretty?

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Scripture for Today: I Peter 3:4 “Instead, it (your beauty) should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.”

It was quite an education to spend two summers on a Navajo reservation as a teen.  The women there were beautiful, especially when decked out in all their finery and turquoise jewelry!  It used to be that a Navajo woman would show the world her wealth by wearing every piece of her turquoise jewelry at once!  The hand-done silver work and red coral pieces were very pretty as well.

Today’s verse encourages a woman to value inner beauty.  Rather than depending on an outward show of elaborate hairstyles, jewelry or fine clothes, a Christ-follower will be beautiful for her gentle and quiet spirit.  Not only does this kind of beauty last, it is much more valuable in the eyes of our Creator.

There is just a one letter difference between the words, “petty” and “pretty.”  It is a whole lot easier to work on the outside than on the inside.  Image can be changed with very little trouble.  And because image is so important, the prettiness can hide the pettiness, at least for awhile.  But it will fade, leaving the inside exposed.  Our true selves can be harsh, critical, impatient and petty.  But the true beauty of gentleness and quiet confidence in God is much more attractive.

For me, being petty is much easier than being pretty.  But when I spend time with my Savior and ask His help, I become a little bit more like Him!  Aspiring to His beauty is a lifelong endeavor but such a worthy goal.  An old hymn echos this thought; Let the Beauty of Jesus be Seen in Me!

Lord, help me be beautiful like You.


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