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Scripture for Today:  John 4:23  “A time will come, however, indeed it is already here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth; for the Father is seeking just such people as these as His worshipers.”

I love to worship with fellow believers, whether in France, America or Taiwan.  The American church pictured here was quite creative in getting their people to find their seats in a timely manner.  But as I was settled in early I had time to stare at that screen and think about that message.  When does worship start for me?  Of course, worship with other believers is a scheduled affair.  I look forward to this worship and we are exhorted to never abandon assembling together.  But there is another kind of worship that is larger than just the music and is intensely personal between my Lord and me.

This personal worship ideally does not have a start nor an end.  This worship is done not only with my mouth, but with my thoughts and with my daily actions.  Our verse today talks about worshiping Him in spirit.  This was said to the woman at the well, as she was making an issue of where worship takes place.  Jesus taught that the physical place was not the issue.  True worship takes place in our spirit wherever we are.  And our worship is to be in truth, using God’s Word, as His Word is truth, (John 17:17).

When I am reading God’s Word I am worshiping Him.  When I am remembering a verse or sharing one with someone else, it is an act of worship!  When I am talking to Him it is worship.  When I am living for Him, seeking to obey His voice, that is worship.  May my worship be daily and life-long!  He is worthy!

2 thoughts on “Worship

  1. So glad I came by for a “lift”! Thank you Jan for this online devotional! May God continue to use you and bless you and your family… Ginette


  2. Thank you Jan !


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