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Scripture for Today: Psalm 73:23-24 “Yet I am always with You. You hold me by my right hand. You guide me with Your counsel, and afterward You will take me to glory.”

This poor little raccoon is paralyzed with indecision!  His little brain is probably thinking, “Run left or right? Go forward or turn around?”  Fear has made him immobile.  By the time he figures it out it may be too late.  I feel much like this confused raccoon when faced with too many choices.  Whenever I am in the States, all I have to do is visit the cereal aisle of a store to feel the same way!

Our verse for today is a wonderful promise.  The Lord is always at the side of a believer.  He offers His hand and His counsel.  He is there to help with every decision, even the small ones.  When making a decision, one can feel overwhelmed by the different options.  The fear of choosing incorrectly can completely block us.   In consequence, decisions are postponed or sometimes left to others.  Being paralyzed with indecision gives God no opportunity to guide us.  As verse 22 describes, we can be senseless ignorant beasts, caught in the headlights.

I am thankful for a patient and understanding God.  We are never left on our own in making choices.  He offers His guidance.  He reaches out His hand to steer us in the right direction.  But it is up to me to see my own indecision and reach for His hand.  What a beautiful image it is to see that hand continuing to guide me all the way through life and into eternity!

Thank you  Lord, for Your hand and Your counsel.  Please guide me in every decision today.



IMG_20140801_050547Scripture for Today: Psalm 119:15-16 “I meditate on Your precepts and consider Your ways. I delight in Your decrees.  I will not neglect Your Word.”

I have always been partial to the Volkswagon Bug ever since owning one in my single days.  It was a 1963 model with a round window in the back!  However, I do not know much about car maintenance.  Had I remained single and kept that car, I wonder if it would eventually look like the one pictured!

My husband will attest to the fact that I do not know how to change a tire or change the oil and I detest filling up.  He very kindly does those things for me.  I think the “idiot” light on the dash was named after me!

The neglect of a car can be serious and contribute to its demise.  But the neglect of God’s Word can be just as serious!  Just as a car needs regular tune-ups and good maintenance to run well, so we need to be in God’s Word.  Without God speaking to us, we begin to be run down and all the wear and tear of life becomes obvious.

David’s love of God’s Word is the subject of the longest Psalm.  Our verse for today expresses that love and respect for God’s decrees.  He not only reads them but he meditates and considers them.  Bible reading is like that.  God’s truths can penetrate our thoughts throughout the day.  His Word is life changing, slowly transforming our minds and hearts.  God’s thoughts renew our minds (Rom 12:2) so that we live as we were meant to live, continually new and shiny!

When I neglect God’s Word, I start looking like that car.  I know that my own ugly thoughts are not His.  Lord, keep me motivated to stay in Your Word.

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10559200_10203545280864367_20298450_nScripture for Today: I Corinthians 2:9 “However, as it is written: ‘What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived’ – the things God has prepared for those who love Him.'”

The colors of the sky can be breathtaking!  The colors in God’s pallet continually amaze me!  His use of color is bold and startling.  I have trouble putting red and orange together but not Him!  In looking at furniture for sale on line, I am often confused about color combinations.  But our God is creative and masterful with color.  As He will be the only source of light in Heaven, I often wonder what different hues He will create there.  It is difficult to even imagine new colors.

Our verse for today speaks of our limitations in understanding what is prepared for us in Heaven.  Our earthly senses and even our imaginations cannot fully grasp the colors, light and sounds of our eternal home.  But the passage goes on to say that believers can have some spiritual understanding because we have residing in us God’s Spirit.  Our physical senses and our mental imaginings can only go so far in understanding spiritual truth.  We need the revelation of His Spirit.  It is because of His Spirit we can understand what He has so freely given us (verse 12).

So much of what He has so freely given to us is in our future.  But He has painted our world with the beautiful colors of His love now!  We see that color with spiritual eyes.  Surely it is the color of the sunset.  Am I seeing the color of His forgiveness?  It must be dazzling white!

Lord, open my spiritual senses to see and hear and feel all You have given to me today!