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IMG_20130423_164037Scripture for Today:  Luke 14:28  “But do not begin until you count the cost.  For who would begin construction of a building without first calculating the cost to see if there is enough money to finish it.”

I find I need a calculator quite often when dealing with two systems of measurement.  Especially in the kitchen I am always figuring the equivalents between grams and kilos versus ounces and pounds.

I am flattered when a French friend asks for a recipe but usually annoyed to have to change it all to the metric system.  How easier things would be if we were all using the same measurements!  Maybe then I could move this calculator to a desk drawer.

Our verse for today talks about calculating the cost of constructing a building.  How foolish to begin such a project without evaluating the cost before beginning!  In the same way, we are to evaluate the cost of being a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Jesus spoke these words at a time when His popularity was at its peak.  Multitudes were following Him.  The world would call that success.  But Jesus was not interested in the number of followers, but rather those who were truly committed to Him.

What are the costs of following Jesus?  The context names one in particular; putting Christ above all family members (verse 26).  My love for Jesus is to far outweigh the love I have for my husband, my children and grandchildren, and my extended family.  My relationship with Him is to take precedence.

Loving any family member more than Christ can lessen my commitment to follow Him.  He wants all of my heart.  My love for my family is strong, fierce and all-consuming.  Is my love for Him much more than this?  His love for me cost Him everything.

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