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Scripture for Today: James 4:6 “But He gives a greater grace.  Therefore it says, God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”

The other day while finding our way in the mountains, our GPS got totally confused.  Her voice stayed confident as she told us take the second exit at the round point where there was none!  There were several times that had we obeyed her, we would have turned right into the mountainside!  After listening to her continue to give us outrageous directions, we finally just turned her off!  Thankfully, we had an old fashioned map as a back up.  But not once did she apologize!  She never said, “I was wrong and you were right!”  Of course, had she admitted her mistake I would have fainted with surprise!

There is something in all of us that bristles at the thought of admitting our errors.  Sometimes, the only way it can happen is if we can point to extenuating circumstances!  Or we can maybe admit we were wrong if someone can share our chagrin.  It is never a comfortable experience.

In our relationship with the Lord, humbling ourselves and admitting our wrongs is the starting point to our relationship with Him.  We cannot receive forgiveness without confession.  But pride can keep us from admitting our sin.  Pride itself is the root of so much sin and heartache.  This is why it tops the list of abominable sins in Proverbs 6:17.   There are those who would rather face the opposition of the Almighty God than be humbled.

The good news is that there is grace for those who come clean with Him.  He shows me unmerited favor when I humble myself in honest confession.  Forgive me my pride, Lord!  Oh how I need your grace today!

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