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Half and Half

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creamer1Scripture for Today:  Psalm 119:113  “I hate double-minded people, but I love Your law.”

The myriad of choices having to do with coffee preferences can completely confuse me.  In a specialty coffee shop, no one would want to be behind me, waiting for me to make up my mind.  Just when I think I have it figured out, I am directed toward the cream counter.  There again I am faced with choices.  There are often three different possibilities; whole milk, non-fat milk or half and half.  I do not want my coffee too rich or too watery, so I usually end up with the half and half.  My thinking is that it has to be a good compromise.

Compromise can be a good thing in many areas of life, but certainly not in our obedience to the Lord.  Our verse for today contrasts loving God’s law with a double-minded approach.  The double-minded individual will sometimes obey God’s law, but not always.  There is a lack of true commitment.  If obedience costs something or is inconvenient, then the double-minded person will do what is easy and convenient.  James 1:17 describes this person as unstable in all his ways.  There is no constancy.  Their commitment to God is as variable as the ocean waves.

I do not want to be that person.  Loving God’s law does not mean I will always keep it.  David failed and so do I.  Thankfully, I am under grace and not law because of Jesus.  But it is always my desire to follow what God wants, even when it is difficult.  There is blessing in my life as a result of obedience.  There is nothing but pain and heartache when I do not obey.

Lord, keep me from being half and half in my obedience to You!

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