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Just Deserts

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dessertunnamedScripture for Today: Psalm 103:10 “He does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities.”

I really thought I deserved this dessert.  I had ordered only fish and vegetables and so I figured I could indulge just a little.  After all, it was just dessert!  I had no idea it would be quite this big.  However, with three others helping, it was no problem!

The phrase, “getting your just desert” dates back to the 13th century, and its meaning was “a thing deserved” whether good or bad.  The original spelling used only one “s” referring to the obsolete meaning of  the word, “desert” or that which is deserved.  Today one sees this phrase with the two “s” spelling.  It makes more sense to me as I sometimes think dessert is my due!

Our verse for today is a wonderful reassurance that I do not get my just desert from the Lord.  If I were to insist on the justice I deserve, I would be in big trouble.  Certainly, God is just.  His justice was satisfied by Christ’s sacrifice for sin on the cross.  Because  Christ paid the penalty for sin, I am not repaid for my own.

I am so thankful that God does not give me what I deserve!  I am spared His wrath and punishment.  His grace is amazing!  This psalm tells me of His compassion.  He is gracious and slow to anger.  His love for me is as great as the distance to the heavens! (verse 11)  His love is so wide, so long, so high and so deep that it is immeasurable! (Eph. 3:18)  I absolutely do not deserve that kind of love!

Thank you Lord, that You do not give me my just desert.  Thank you for Your incredible mercy and love!

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