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shellsunnamedScripture for Today: John 17:15 “My prayer is not that You take them out of the world but that You protect them from the evil one.”

This shell collection of my Father’s was a surprise. He was always an avid rock collector but I did not realize he was collecting shells as well.   He kept them in a large tin canister, each one wrapped meticulously.  He saw beauty in the myriad of colors and in the shapes of each seashell.  The variety and detail of God’s creation is amazing!

Of course, the seashell is about more than beauty.  It is there to protect that living creature inside!  Our verse for today is a prayer of Jesus specifically for the protection of His disciples.  There would be persecution ahead as each one takes a stand for Him.  This prayer is equally applicable to believers today (verse 20) as Jesus includes all who will believe the message of His disciples.

It may seem as if God did not answer this prayer of Jesus.  Most of the original twelve disciples died a martyr’s death.  Were they not protected?  Today, we see horrible scenes of Christians being killed for their faith in Christ.  Is this prayer invalid?

From what does God protects us?  In His grace He protects us repeatedly from bodily harm.  So often, we are not even aware of His protective hand.  But this prayer of protection concerns the evil one.  Our souls are protected.  Though the body is destroyed, no evil can touch the soul and its sure destination (Matt. 10:28-29).

As the world becomes increasingly hostile to true Christ followers, I can live without fear.  My soul belongs to Christ (II Tim. 1:12) and I am persuaded that He will keep what I have committed to Him.

Thank you Lord, for Your beautiful protection.

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