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Strong Arms


Violin 1455986_1430721260489037_168525436_nScripture for Today: Genesis 49:24 “But his bow remained steady, his strong arms stayed limber, because of the hand of the Mighty One of Jacob, because of the Shepherd, the Rock of Israel.”

Our friend, Marilyn, continues to amaze me!  At the age of 87 she still plays her violin beautifully.  She not only continues playing in the Desert Symphony, comprised of only the best professional musicians, but she is also the assistant concertmaster and contractor!  While many her age have trouble lifting their arms to do their own hair, she holds up that bow with strong arms and plays beautiful music!  That violin bow remains steady and her arms stay limber because of the blessing of the One who created her!

Today’s verse is part of a blessing given to Joseph by his Father, Jacob.  Joseph, although attacked with bitterness, remained true to God (verse 23).  God’s hand was on Joseph, making him fruitful, keeping him strong, helping him and blessing him (verse 25).  But God’s strength did not mean he would lead an easy life.  On the contrary, Joseph’s life was filled with injustice, prison, estrangement, and heartache.  However, Joseph followed his Shepherd and drew strength from his Rock.

I cannot imagine having strong unwavering arms into my eighties!  With age my body will eventually waste away and betray me.  But the Lord promises that inner strength can be renewed day by day (II Cor. 4:16).  Arms may become unsteady, but my faith in Jesus can become firmer each day.  Arthritis may keep me from being limber but inwardly I can experience firm resolve and perseverance!  When I am weak, He becomes that Rock providing strength.  As my Shepherd, His strong arms lift me up.

Lord, I need that inner renewal today.  Thank you for the strength You will provide!

2 thoughts on “Strong Arms

  1. This is a a beautiful post Jan. It was great to see you and Randy Sat. I am so appreciative of your friendship. Thank you.


  2. I cannot thank you enough for writing this about mom. She amazes me everyday and is like the energizer bunny. I can only hope and pray that I can lift my arms like here at 87. She is strong, disciplined and very determined with all that she does. Rock on mom!!!


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