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The Nightingale

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 42:8 “By day the Lord directs His love, at night His song is with me – a prayer to the God of my life.”

The nightingale is not much to look at being a plain and uninteresting brown.  He is shy and likes to hide in dense thickets and bushes.  But he has been the subject of songs, fairy tales, operas, books and poetry over the centuries.  His song is exceptional for its variety, range and power.  While the female is strangely quiet, the male regales his listeners with whistles, trills and gurgles.  Although he sings during the day, his song is especially noticeable at night without any other noises to distract.

Today’s verse describes another song that occurs during the night.  This song can be just as beautiful and there is only an audience of One.  This song is a prayer of gratitude and praise to the Lord.  Without audible notes, it rises up within our souls to be heard by our Creator.  Because He loves us, He listens intently to our impromptu concert, and we feel His pleasure.  There are no other noises or distractions in those dark quiet hours.

All day long I feel His love directed towards me.  I am aware of His presence throughout the day.  But in the mundane tasks, the hurried schedule and all the distractions, I forget to respond with praise.  But at night, when the house is finally quiet I can turn my thoughts to Him.  Instead of being frustrated at being awake, I can use those moments to compose a song only He will hear.  Regardless of words or notes, He is honored by the melody of praise in my heart.

Thank you Lord, for putting a song in my heart tonight!

One thought on “The Nightingale

  1. Jan,
    Thank you for the reinforcing of dependence, acknowledgement, and returning praise.


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